3d-modelling and visualization of sofas and armchairs

We make upholstered furniture attractive and desirable using 3d graphics. Sales grow, clients are satisfied. What else is needed?

3d graphics is unlimited opportunities for marketing and sales growth.

How to sale a sofa or an armchair without high quality pictures? No way. Take an opportunity and embed it with us.

3d viewer with sofas and armchairs.

We can make interactive 3d viewer which show sofas and armchairs in different views and help to keep your customer on the site.

Augmented reality (AR)

Customer can try the sofa or the armchair in his interior. Wow effect is guaranteed!

Sofas and armchairs in interior

We will make pictures of your sofas and armchairs in any interior and any style: loft, scandic, American, classical.

Detailed visualization

We will show your product in the different angles with realistic materials and textures. It’s more attractive, more simple, cheeper and faster than photos. Pics can be used on sites and catalogues.

Configurator of sofas and armchair

Are you thinking about an configurator? We can prepare images and program the logics. Potential customers will cuddle up customizing the product and will make big bills as a result.

Advertising posters and brochures

We make high-resolution visualizations for using in printing/ polygraphy. We can also impose advertising materials.

Assembly Instructions

We prepare special visualizations as blueprints, impose assembly instructions.


3d models allow to demonstrate detailed unfolding mechanisms of the sofas and armchairs.


We will prepare animated video of sofas’ unfolding. It’s rather easier than making video. The result is much better and brighter.

Changing of textures and materials

You can show sofas and armchairs in different colors and different materials. Leather, velvet, suide — we can do any variant, we will prepare necessary images for the site and poligrapgy.

Ideas testing.

You can do a virtual sofa or armchair before the production, test the demand, get an order and produce the sofa in reality after the payment.

Online sale

Sofas and armchairs sale on a site, social media, partners and marketplaces — we will prepare all necessary materials in compliance with requirements of the sale channels.

As was / as is

Until you see with your own eyes — you won’t believe. Don’t chase off your customers with mobile photos. It’s easy and not expensive to improve product images using 3d models.

Looking at this photo you think that the sofa suits only for an storage room, don’t you? Is it possible to improve it?
Yeah, it’s an entirely different thing! This sofa suits for a new spacious apartment!
Waiting for your questions!
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How do we do this?

We do the best from from the beginning to the end.

Create the correct geometry based on photos or schemes of the overall dimensions.

Prepare preliminary visualization without textures and materials.

Make a model digitalization, adding folds and extra elements, which help to make the image realistic.

Prepare textures, make visualization and final image processing.

Several works in this area from our portfolio: