3d modeling and visualization of chairs

You no longer need to photograph chairs for the website and catalog — Entrust us with 3D modeling and visualization. We do all the work efficiently and quickly.

Chair configurator

Install a configurator based on 3D visualizations on the website. With buyers will have the opportunity to select the size, shape and color of parts on their own.

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Endless possibilities of 3D modeling in business

Choose any of opportunities and apply for marketing and sales with us.

Detailed appearance

Let’s make visualizations of the chair from different angles, show its details, different colors and textures.

Chair in interior

We will make images with your chair in a suitable interior, in any design style: loft, scandi, american, classic.

Catalogs and booklets

We will prepare all the necessary 3D graphics for printing and layout promotional materials.

Chair configurator

Place a configurator based on a 3D model on the website, give the buyer the opportunity to change the shape and color of the parts «for themselves».

Assembly instructions

We will make special 3d visualizations of parts in the form of drawings and prepare instructions.

3d spinners with chairs

We will make 3D models for interactive 3D spinners that will show the chair from different angles and help to keep the buyer on the site.

Advertising posters

We will prepare visualizations in high resolution for use on advertising posters and stands.

Changing textures and materials

Display the chair in different materials and colors on your website. We will do any option. Contact us!

Chair animation

Let’s make a video with the animation of the chair.

Testing Ideas

You can show the chair on the site even before the start of its production! We will prepare 3D visualizations with any textures and materials to test the demand for real buyers.

Augmented reality

Give the buyer the opportunity to use the 3d model of the chair in augmented reality!

Any online sales

We will make all the necessary materials and files in all necessary formats for selling chairs through the website, social networks, partners and marketplaces. 3d graphics — a great helper in this.

We will create any interior for your chairs in 3d

Dining areas, office, meeting rooms and any other interiors suitable for functionality and style to your chairs.

Several works in this area from our portfolio: