AR with furniture

We create AR with your furniture and prepare 3d models in the necessary format. Let customers to try your furniture online just from their home of office.

How does it works?

It’s easy, you need only mobile. See for yourself.

The devices supporting AR function has a button «View in AR». If you don’t have this button you can rotate the model just on the site page.

After pressing the button it’s needed to allow to use camera and AR (if you didn’t do it before) to place a model in your interior.

When the camera opened it will be opportunity to move the model, change its size just on the device screen.

AR works only with a mobile. Scan QR-code below with your mobile to see the model in AR.

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What is needed?

It’s necessary to prepare materials in special formats for the AR creating.

To prepare a lightened 3d model

It’s necessary to prepare 3d models in a special format for the AR creating. The model should be light for quick upload.

Prepare textures

It’s needed to balance a small size and high resolution preparing the textures.

To set the script on a site

Uploading 3d models and textures it’s needed to set the special program script of the virtual online furniture fitting in an interior. It doesn’t work without the script.

Setting and capabilities.

We configure the AR script that you can use AR capabilities of the furniture viewer.

Limitation of rotation

We configure the limitation of the model rotation in order to demonstrate the furniture in the viewer only from right sides.

Overall dimensions

We demonstrate the furniture sizes just in the viewer in order to measure the furniture in the interior correctly.

Several works in this area from our portfolio: