3d modelling and visualization of upholstered furniture

Sofas, armchairs, couches, benches, poufs.... And another furniture with upholstered parts. We create high quality 3d graphics of any upholstered furniture. Welcome!

3d viewer 360° with upholstered furniture

Spinning is placed due to consistent changing of the images in the same plane. Changing of product features is also possible. Try it!

Quick upload

It’s needed about 2 Mb of traffic to upload one view (one color). It’s very little for high quality and smooth rotation.

High level detailing

Size and quality of all images in this variant of the viewer are of very high level. Photo realistic images create confidence to the products and attract customer for a long using of the viewer.


One click is only needed to stop the viewer and rotate back way.

Waiting for your questions!
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Opportunity of 3d models for upholstered furniture

There are a lot of opportunities. All of them will make your furniture attractive for the customers.

Outward appearance in details

We visualize upholstered furniture in different views, demonstrate the details, various details and cover materials.

Advertising posters and brochures

We make high-resolution visualizations for using in printing. We can also impose advertising materials.

3d viewers with upholstered furniture

We create interactive 3d viewers which demonstrate your furniture in various views and keep a customer on the site.

Assembly Instructions

We prepare special visualizations as blueprints, impose assembly instructions.


3d models allow to demonstrate detailed unfolding mechanisms of the sofas and armchairs.


We will prepare animated video of sofas’ unfolding. It’s rather easier than making video. The result is much better and brighter.

Augmented reality (AR)

Let your customers an opportunity to use 3d furniture model in AR.

Configurator of upholstered furniture

Are you thinking about a configurator? We can prepare images and program the logics. Potential customers will cuddle up customizing the product.

Upholstered furniture in interiors

We create images of your upholstered furniture in any interior, any style: loft, scandy, American, classic.

Changing of textures and materials

You can show sofas and armchairs in different colors and different materials. Leather, velvet, suede — we can do any variant, we will prepare necessary images for the site and polygraphy.

Ideas testing

You can do a virtual sofa or armchair before the production. We create a 3d model and all necessary visualizations with any textures and materials to test the demand on real customers. Don’t waste your resources.

Online sales

Sofas and armchairs sale on a site, social media, partners and marketplaces — we prepare all necessary materials in compliance with requirements of the sale channels. 3d graphics is an ideal helper in it.

Challenging ideals

We help to implement the most challenging ideas! We prepare a 3 model and all necessary visualizations with any textures and materials, in any colors. You can test the demand before furniture production in reality.

Upholstered furniture in interiors

We create images of your upholstered furniture in a suitable interior.

Several works in this area from our portfolio: