Creation of seamless textures (digitization) of fabrics

Furniture upholstery materials are different: velvet, velveteen, velour, jacquard, matting, leather... We create any textures in any color for use in 3D-modeling and visualization.

Distribute fabrics to 3D designers

We make digital textiles for use by 3D designers to visualize sofas, chairs, beds.

For material editors, we are preparing additional maps that help create the most realistic fabrics.

We are preparing files with customized textures and materials for the most popular programs:


Textile is one of the most difficult materials. Entrust the work to professionals.


Creating a fabric texture plays a very important role in 3d visualization of sofas and other upholstered furniture. If the material applied to the model is not made professionally, then it will never bring the image a high level of realism.

Creating a realistic fabric in 3D
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Tissue imaging

In addition to furniture renderings with one or another fabric, it is often necessary to make visualizations for a catalog or for a website.

We do everything from beginning to the end
  1. Digitizing the fabric
  2. Draw a complex fabric pattern
  3. Creating renders for selection on website
  4. Preparing all color options of the same same fabric