3d-modeling and visualization of cabinet furniture

Wall-slides, hallways, cabinets, shelving, cabinets, chests of drawers... And all this — cabinet furniture. And we can make high-quality 3D graphics for any type of cabinet furniture!

Augmented reality with cabinet furniture

Give customers the opportunity to «try on» your cabinet furniture right at home or office!
Here’s how it works:

The devices supporting AR function has a button «View in AR». If you don’t have this button you can rotate the model just on the site page.

After pressing the button it’s needed to allow to use camera and AR (if you didn’t do it before) to place a model in your interior.

When the camera opened it will be opportunity to move the model, change its size just on the device screen.

AR works only with a mobile. Scan QR-code below with your mobile to see the model in AR.

AR works only with a mobile. Scan QR-code below with your mobile to see the model in AR.

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What are the options for using 3d models of cabinet furniture?

Opportunities — great amount. Choose any of apply to increase sales with us.

Detailed appearance

We visualize cabinet furniture from different angles, show details and different colors and textures of the facade.

Advertising posters & booklets

We will make visualizations in high resolution for use in printing and layout advertising materials.

3d spinners on website

We will make interactive 3D spinners that will show your piece of furniture from different angles and keep the buyer on the site.

Assembly instructions

We will prepare special visualizations of details in the form of drawings and make up instructions for assembling cabinet furniture.

Internal filling

When creating a 3d model, you can display in detail the number and depth of shelves, additional drawers and rods. You can also easily change the content in the & nbsp; configurator.

Animation of furniture items

Let’s prepare a video with animation of cabinet furniture: doors, drawers, interior filling, transformation.

Augmented reality

Give customers the opportunity to «try on» 3d model of furniture right at home or in office!


Create a configurator on the website based on a 3D model, let buyers change the size and content of cabinet furniture on their own «for themselves».

Furniture in interior

We will make images with your cabinet furniture in any interior, in any style: loft, scandi, american, classic. Yes anything, contact us!

Changing textures and materials

Display cabinet furniture in different colors and materials on your website. Solid wood, MDF, chipboard, glass — we will draw any option and prepare the necessary images for the website and printing.

Testing Ideas

Place cabinet furniture on your website even before the start of its production! We will make a 3D model and all necessary visualizations with any textures and materials to test the demand for real buyers. Don’t waste your resources.

Any online sales

Sales of cabinet furniture through the website, social networks, partners and marketplaces — we will prepare all the necessary materials and files in all required formats. 3d graphics — a perfect assistant in this.

Various combinations

Cabinet furniture is distinguished by its variability. Items can be moved from place to place, installed as free-standing objects, and in as part of a furniture set. With the help of 3D graphics, we can create a variety of combinations of furniture, for example, a transforming wardrobe with a built-in bed or sofa.

Several works in this area from our portfolio: