The Egg chair
by Arne Jacobsen

We create the best 3d models of furniture. Quickly.

Opportunity #1

A high-quality detailed 3d model with textures and materials helps to draw customers’ attention, increase sales and reduce costs.

Chest of drawers D.655.1

This iconic dresser of the Italian furniture producer can be tried on in any interior.

Opportunity #2

A 3d model helps to try furniture in various interiors. It keeps a potential customer on the site and helps to make a purchase.

Starting point of sales increase

The best experience is based on using 3d models in creation of advertising materials, printing and digital, communication with designers and customers, a site creation. It’s easier and more convenient.

Product card.

It’s very quickly to make necessary high-quality, realistic and beautiful visualizations for a product card for an internet shop.

Engagement of designers

Offer high-quality 3d models of your furniture to designers. They will definitely use 3d models in their interior projects. It will increase your sales.

Interactive on site

3d model can be integrated to a site of the internet shop and let your customers just on the site.

How it works? ↓
Polygraphic production

It’s possible to create a polygraphic production using 3d models and decorate a point of sales, to create a catalog for dealers.

Augmented reality (AR)

Our models are ready for use in AR. Customers can try on your furniture right in their interior. The models can be also used in a configurator of the furniture on a site.

Details ↓
Easier than photo

3d visualization is much easier, quicker, flexible and comfortable than photo. It’s not necessary to create an interior, move and install furniture.

Augmented reality (AR)

Who gets in a customer phone, will sell product. AR is an obligatory part of selling process, it’s impossible to ignore it.

Opportunity #3

AR changes the way people select and make a purchase. It’s a simple way for a customer to try the furniture in a personal interior. There are hundreds of devices on 2 most popular platforms.

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3d viewer on landing page

It’s very interesting to look at furniture from different sides just on the web page. It’s important to prepare special lightened 3d models and textures.

Opportunity #4

3d viewer on the web page allows to keep a customer on the website. It increases the probability of sales and additionally improves website’s statistics and research position. It’s not needed extra costs.

Check list

Engineering 3d models doesn’t suit for advertising and marketing purposes. Select what you want to use in your business before price negotiation.

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